One step spraydrying

One step spraydrying

Spray drying is the working horse in the world of drying. It can handle heat sensitive, non-heat sensitive and heat resistant pumpable feedstocks and turn these into a dry powder form. Many spray driers are installed in the world.

The majority of the products can be dried in one step. While being atomised into small droplets, it is exposed to hot air, evaporating at the spot. It is becoming dry at controllable temperatures.

Basically 4 phases can be distinguished

  • Atomisation

  • Contact between air and spray

  • Drying the spray

  • Separation of the spray

Characteristics of DW spray driers

  • Co current spiral movement of the product and air transporting downwards. It keeps the product cooler than the air, at all places in the drier

  • High rate of drying thanks to the intense contact of air and droplets. Our Rota swirl air distributor is unique

  • Controllable particle size, shape, form, moisture content

  • Operation is preferable continuous by its controls

  • Handle wide range of production rates, turndown ratios

  • Handle for ST-1 explosive materials

  • Flexibility

  • Low fouling rate

  • High quality of functional proteins produced,

  • Completely electrical heating

  • Transportable by trucks

Special options DW spray driers

  • Low temperature de-humified air injection possible

  • Adding solid materials in the spray zone

  • Co-spray drying

  • Air dehumifier including air filtration